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2019-01-02 00:16:42 Source: Beijing News

On January 1, 2019, the sunset danced against the sunrise, and the dancers danced at Stormuren and visitors celebrated the new year. The sun has just risen and through the sun the staff sent staff sugar to the tourists. The actor did a blessing at sunrise. On the morning of January 1, 2019, the tourists saw the New Year at the Stormuren. Figure / Vision China

Time: January 1st

Location: Mutianyu Great Wall

Event: View of the sunrise

To see the sunrise at sea, Xiaoqi is magnificent; The storm watch sees the sunrise, and it is magnificent. On January 1, 2019, "Mu Yuchuguang was transported to The Great Wall" – the 25th Mutianyu Great Wall New Year's Day Sunrise Theme Event was held. The bath of the New Year's glow has hundreds of tourists come to the wall, watching the sunrise, welcoming the New Year and enjoying the sun and sun's gift on top of the wall.

The Great Wall has always been equipped with the dragon's magical color, symbolizing joy and soaring. It also symbolizes expertise and different customs. The beginning of the first year symbolizes the infinite power and the powerful spirit of the sun. Currently rising out of the horizon, people met the sun on the Great Wall of China, which was happy and prosperous and created a new year's expectations.

As a traditional branding activity in the Mutianyu Great Wall Scenic Area, the event not only shows the traditional Great Wall Dragon Dance, the celebration of drums, the blessing, the festive songs and the dances, but also adds "Great Wall Card for Gifts" to visitors who come for the event. Interesting link.

The clock around noon At 7:30 am the morning light gradually illuminates the red sky, and Rihui rose behind the wall, like the old and elegant stormy wall, and the great wall under the cover of Xiaguang Wandao is extremely spectacular and stunning.

As the first light in 2019 cuts through the sky, the event culminated immediately, and visitors took their cameras out to capture this year's most powerful and hopeful sunrise and picturesque and long-lasting wall. Standing on top of the dragon, the eyes of the island, full of eyes are full of beauty and hope, the hand to hang the promising blessings on the blessed tree along with peace and kangshun in the coming year.

Beijing News reporter Wu Wei

This edition of photography (except signature) / Beijing News reporter Wang Jianing

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