Saturday , December 5 2020

Red envelope war to open a new pattern: WeChat Alipay "hands off", short video platform radical –

  1. Red envelope wars opens a new pattern: WeChat Alipay "closes", short video platform radical China
  2. Tencent Spring Festival data: 90 after WeChat red envelope – WeChat Tencent WeChat cnBeta
  3. WeChat "Gaoguang" data inventory: 100 million people can be seen in 3 days, and the circle of friends is seen 10 billion times a day. Love Fan · Let the future be at your fingertips
  4. How much does the party's cadre cost the red envelope will be penalized? The answer is this
  5. WeChat New Year's Eve data exposure: 90 years after the first red envelope main force Beijing led the country – WeChat Tencent WeChat cnBeta
  6. See the full story of Google News

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