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UnionPay pays half for you? Cloud Flash App or allegedly fake advertising induces user downloads – Ecommerce – Payment Platform / Internet Finance

Following the promotion of the "Double Eleven" traders, "Double Twelve" will come soon too. This year's "Double Eleven" commodity turnover reached a new record of 213.5 billion yuan. The "double twelve" as the last big campaign by the end of the year also allows many companies to make the final sprint preparation for it.

Recently, some consumers have reported that they heard a message in the radio ads. Cloud Flash Pay APP launched "a dime is not easy to pay for half of 12.12 UnionPay for you" but after downloading and registering the app, consumers became aware. It was discovered that UnionPay can not really "pay half for you". The ad is suspected of misleading content and causes users to download and use it.

Pay half, the actual offer has a cap

"UnionPay pays half for you!" Wrong! A dime is not easy to be true! This wool is conditional.

The cloud flash pays APP's website with a prominent position that hangs on the ad for "Ci Lian pays half for you".

Cloud Flash Pay APP is a comprehensive mobile payment strategy product for the banking sector. According to the consumer's traces, the journalist has downloaded the Cloud Flash Payment APP, and the advertisement on the front of the website is linked to "Ci Lian pay half for you", with "12.12 UnionPay pays half for you", "12.12 to half price" and "50% discount". Such prominent texts and images were used for advertising, but the reporter found that in the actual settlement showed that only the capping limit of 10 yuan to 88 yuan can be enjoyed. The key information for such capping offers is not significantly significant with the above words "CUP for half of you", "half price" and "five percent" and is only marked in the small part of the activity rules.

The consumer said he heard the broadcast saying that the two twelve consumers can enjoy half price concessions, so download and install the application, and found out that there is nothing like advertising.

The cloud flash pays APP's website with a prominent position that hangs on the ad for "Ci Lian pays half for you".

Attorney: The advertisement is suspected of fake advertising

In this regard, Beijing Pangbiao law firm Pang Shuai said that when consumers review "half price" and "five percent discount", they will probably be reasonable, universally and friendlyly understood as half of the commodity price. on its part, consumers affect downloading cloud flash payment APP or making a decision to use UnionPay cloud flash payment on the purchase settlement method.

Article 20 Paragraph 1 of the Consumer Protection Act of the People's Republic of China provides: "The operator shall provide the consumer with information about the quality, execution, use and expiry date of the goods or services, and shall be true and comprehensive and shall not be false or inviting. Misunderstanding of propaganda." Article 4 1 of the Advertising Act states: "Advertising may not contain false or misleading content and may not deceive or mislead consumers."

"At the same time, according to the provisions of Article 28 of the Act, such advertising ads issued by UnionPay Yunxue are suspected of making false advertisements that mislead and mislead consumers. Any entity or individual has a market surveillance and administration department within the administrative region under the law. ie industrial and commercial authorities) make complaints and report. Consumer organizations also have the right to social supervision. When recognized as false advertising under the law, they will be subject to administrative sanctions such as suspension of advertisements from the competent authorities and fines for advertising fees three to five times. "explained Pang Shuai lawyer.

By chance, the former "unlimited package" attracted a large number of users under the strong push of the three largest operators. However, users have discovered, after use, that so-called "unlimited traffic" usually requires a speed limit after using 20G, which is incompatible with the operator's "unlimited" propaganda. Then the advertising campaigns for the three largest operators' "unlimited packages" were stopped by the relevant departments, and relevant self-examination and work-around were done immediately. The main problem is the unfair behavior of restrictive relationships in the nominal "unlimited" propaganda and rules.

Attorney Pang Shuai suggested that relevant companies should take precautions and fully respect consumers. Strengthen the regulation in public to avoid misleading consumers.

Cloud Flash Pay APP or allegedly false propaganda induces user downloads.


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