Friday , January 22 2021

"Wandering Earth" surpassed Stephen Chow this time "not working" – China News

  1. "Wandering Earth" exceeded Stephen Chow this time "not working" –
  2. "Foreign aliens' foreigners Tucao" who sees the audience, all Chinese directors replied – Movie cnBeta
  3. Watching movies requires 160 yuan to throw the audience out: Last year there was a ticket of 19.9 yuan.
  4. Spring Festival file resume: The strongest Spring Festival file in history, how did the cash register fall? 36kr
  5. In 2019, the annual office office on the mainland officially broke through 10 billion. And took 42 days to set a new record. "Wandering Earth" is the current master. Mtime Time Network
  6. See the full story of Google News

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