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Wang Zulan announces her daughter's Chinese name Wang Tianyun, meaning the music from heaven | Gabrielle_ 新浪 财经 _ 新浪 网

Wang Zulan announced that his daughter's Chinese name is Wang Tianyun, meaning the music from heaven.

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BEIJING March 18 (Xinhua) According to Hong Kong's "Ming Pao" site, Korean artist Wang Zulan and his wife Li Yan-nan held a 100-day ban on the girl Gabrielle on March 17 and announced that her daughter Chinese name is Wang Tianyun, meaning the music from heaven. On the same day, the two also sang the guest's gift and transferred it to a charity to help the rare sick children in Hong Kong.

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Data card: Wang Zulan. China News Agency reporter Wang Yuan photo

Although the well-behaved Gabrielle had to take pictures with a large number of guests, the whole process was not tweaked. Wang Zulan and Li Ya-nan, who have always loved their daughters when they saw their daughter's gifts, took their daughter back to "princess room" to rest and took a 1: 1 big "paper daughter" to welcome guests and make the guests very happy for everyone I am even more grateful for "paper daughter" cuteness.

On the 17th there were many stars going to the meeting. Wang Zulan and Li Ya-nan were excited when they came on stage to express their gratitude. In addition to many expressions, they also announced the girls' Chinese name.

Wang Zulan said: "When I filmed" My Mi Li ", my daughter would kick her mother's belly as soon as she heard the music in the play.

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