Thursday , January 21 2021

Wang Zulan prays daughter like Li Yanan, said she will accompany the child and cut the umbilical cord – Entertainment News

Wang Zulan asks for a daughter like Li Ya-nan, who will accompany the child and cut the umbilical cord

Wang Zulan, Mao Wei (Mao Jie) and Wang Yizhi (Ivana) last night (December 12) for the movie "You Mi Li, I Love You!" Complete with the movie and shooting posters. Wang Zulan recently uploaded her daughter's ultrasound image, and her daughter looks very similar to him. Mao said with a smile: "Like you? It's absolutely unique."

Ask daughter to be like mom

Wang Zulan said with a smile, "When you look at the ultrasound image, you're already worried about La, who's mine. Almost and the lips are exactly the same. Almost big and lips are very easy to take care of. But when she's still not is born, I will not ask to be like me, to be like mom (李亚男). "

Wife Li Ya-nan is on the verge of being there. Wang Zulan feels that the days are slow, and the woman is smiling and says she is now sneezing and worried about carrying fetus. He also said that his wife's time to birth has been corrected, but she has not been to Hong Kong for a few days, but she has already said it to all units. If her wife is suddenly born, she immediately returns to Hong Kong to accompany her children and cut the umbilical cord.

Name the daughter

At the age of 34, Li Ya-nan is in the air and her daughter is about to be born. She and her husband Wang Zulan look forward to it. Recently, the two couples also took a big belly to take a picture, and Wang Zulan, who has always been a ghost horse, is a pretty fun figure. Yesterday (December 12), Li Ya-nan uploaded a number of major stomachs on the social platform. Wang Zulan was very sweet with his wife, he also took pictures with his wife's belly and kiss, and the picture was hot. The most interesting is that Li Yanan can also take a picture with the "big belly", and this "big belly" is actually the big belly of Wang Zulan, and the two stomachs are almost the same. Li Ya-nan's message: "Father's belly is so magical." Wang Zulan also appealed to netizens to give him a good name for reference. He said, "The child is a girl, the father is Wang, and the mother is Li. What are the good names of the netizens? Can I refer to the Asian boy?"

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