Sunday , January 17 2021

Weekend box office is released, the annual cashier wants to break through 60 billion depends on him –

  1. The weekend bureau is released, the annual cash office wants to break through 60 billion depending on him.
  2. "Sea King" 3 days 650 million box office VS "Reunification 4" notice 24 hours 300 million play: DC Marvel joined a historic turning point at the same time 36kr
  3. "Sea King" in the mainland office broke 600 million female main sea after pull of the body for microblogging hot search – Movie cnBeta
  4. "Haiwang" box office over 100 million director Chinese brother is RMIT exam Canada has no worries
  5. In the "King of the Seas", the eggs you can not miss, "Zhenglian", the desert wolf, where is the cue black manta? Mtime Time Network
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