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Zhang Zhilin's registered organ donation Yuan Yuyi is also informed about the current cessation of alcohol and tobacco health_Hong Kong media

Original title: Zhang Zhilin registered organ donation Yuan Yuyi is also informed about the current cessation of alcohol and tobacco health

Zhang Zhilin recent photo

According to media reports from Hong Kong, Zhang Zhilin and Ou Yu participated in the advertising campaign on 10 November. Zhang Zhilin said he had already registered organ donation. He hoped he would love him with love and can continue his life to help people, so now I'm very careful about keeping my body.

Zhang Zhilin used analogy with driving: "Madam I know I'm registered, we have to respect our family's wishes, and we all have the same pace so we can go more and more together." As for the elders, it's a lot of taboo to donate bodies. Zhang Zhilin said that his mother is also an enlightened People in this area are very trendy. In addition to organ donation, Zhang Zhilin said he had participated in donating bone marrow in his early years. But because he did not miss a chance to save people in Hong Kong, he said, "I once returned to Hong Kong after the movie. I received a letter showing that there is an appropriate goal. But it's too late, I think it's is a big regret. "Zhang Zhilin said he must quit smoking and quit smoking. He only tastes when he is entertaining. The only bad habit he has not changed is to sleep at night and laugh at himself. It is late to sleep.

Former anchor Liu Jiacong had undergone surgery to reduce brain tumors. He said he could not completely cut the tumor due to surgery. After that he has to do 30 more electrotherapy. Now he has recovered almost. He has said that he will join the medical aid team as a consultant. I hope to share my experience and help people. When it comes to plans to return to the scene, he said he's coming slowly and step by step. Before playing the scene, he hoped he could play some roles to reason with everyone.Go back to Sohu and see more

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