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Zheng Yunhua: 3.16 golden week trading perfect ends next week trend analysis and strategy! – There are, recalls, long, stop losses, this too – Global FX

2019-03-18 00:18:34 Source: Global Forex

Next week's gold trend analysis:

This week, the bull raised again after returning to the 1300 mark yesterday. They lost some of their short-term technical benefits and needed to stabilize over 1300 to regain their uptrend. At present, gold is prevented by the suppression of Brin's mid-track and cloud map baselines, and it has not effectively damaged the clouds' barriers. This has increased the risk of falling gold. The KD indicator has dropped from overbought levels, and the sky-down cloud has also fallen. Further, the bearish feeling of gold worsened.

At the 4-hour level, the gold decline was suspended, the KD indicator hit the oversold level, and the RSI decline also showed signs of slowing down. In addition, the general tendency of the cloud cloud was biased sideways, and the tendency of the turning line and baseline was flattened. The disadvantage of gold can be limited and the short-term trend tends to fluctuate. The overall trend line still has room for rebound. Whether it can be downloaded over the 1303-1305 area this week, it supports the notion that we can continue to see more next week. Overall, the next Monday's operation tank, Yunhua's personal suggestion, is primarily based on the high-level rebound recall with focus on first line resistances 1310-1312 and support for first line 1300-1302.

Gold Operation Recommendations:

1. The upper rebound to 1310-1312 line is short, stop loss is $ 4, and the goal is 1302-1304;

2, the next call back to 1300-1302 line to do more, stop losing 4 dollars, the goal to see the 1308-1310 line;

(Article source: Global Forex Network)

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