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Zhengyan watch: A shares perform badly. Sales pressure prevails | Daily economic news

In the first trading day in 2019, A shares performed poorly and heavy weight fell almost across the board. Of the 50 largest companies in the total market value of the two cities, only five companies have turned their shares. The strong 5G concept shares continued strong yesterday, but they could not reverse the overall market loss. At the end, the Shanghai Composite Index dropped 1.15% to 2465.29 points, the Shenzhen Composite Index fell from 0.91% to 1256.39 points, and the SME board and ChiNext Composite Index declined by 0.88% and 0.95 respectively. %.

The general mood of the disc was sluggish, banks and insurance holdings remained weak, and the results of related shares in Shanghai Automobile and other manufacturing industries were not good. There were also pharmaceutical companies such as Kangmei Pharmaceutical, Jichuan Pharmaceutical, Huadong Medicine and Lepu Medical. Continue to jump. There are many incentives for drug stores to fall. Firstly, the demand for centralized drug procurement policy is still there. Second, the downturn of Kangmei Pharmaceuticals has shaken some investors' confidence in other pharmaceutical stocks. Third, it is affected by Minray Medical's unfavorable rumors.

During the New Year holiday, China's official purchasing manager index (PMI) in December 2018 was 49.4%, a record low since August 2016. In addition, the recently announced Caixin Manufacturing PMI index in December 2018 was 49.7%, the lowest since June 2017. This group of data as a whole suppresses industrial companies. Investors may doubt the performance of the relevant shares in the first quarter so that the purchase will fall and the sales pressure temporarily prevails.

In addition, the funds on the postal market were unexpectedly tight. It is fair to say that the beginning of each month's funds will usually be relatively loose, but yesterday's exchange rate buying rate is at a high level, and the price of a government debt is once affected by 20%. I must say that this situation makes people feel a little surprised.

At the individual inventory level, Eastern Communications continued its daily limit for the third consecutive trading day, which also led to an increase in some 5G concept holdings, such as Xintian Technology, Eastcom Peace, Nanjing Panda, Daan and Orvieto Communications. The 5G concept is a relatively large subject, because this is the leading technology area in China, and the market speculation theme naturally has its rationality.

In addition, when economic indicators fall, there are growing difficulties in selecting markets, especially the suspicion of traditional blue chip stocks. In this case, it is logical to choose some varieties that have a great imagination in terms of performance. Of course, taking into account the "risk-benefit ratio" problem, 5G and other issues become a good investment goal.

Although the market is temporarily inferior, this situation should not be very inert. Investors can hold stocks for a while and there is no need to panic because of the daily decline. In my opinion, the money supply is a relatively easy problem to solve. Investors may see actions taken by relevant parties today. As far as the relevant industrial stocks are concerned, given that such varieties have been adapted for a long time, the space for further decommissioning in the future should be relatively limited.

Some investors may think that the first day of the new year indicates the direction of A shares during the year. I can only say that reliability is questionable. Only in 2018 did the first trading day close a Zhongyang line, but the stock index went very badly throughout the year.

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