Wednesday , June 23 2021

Deficiencies in the Hisgaura bridge in Santander – Sectors – Economy

After visiting the Hisgaura Bridge, on the Curos-Málaga route in Santander, due to the state of unrest for the state of work that presents sinuosities on the edges, Adaptation Fund's chief Edgar Ortiz made it clear that the test of cargo is a responsibility for the Spanish sacrifice, as an entrepreneur, who must assume and pay.

According to the official, who took over two weeks ago and came to address the situation, this obligation is based on the Seismic Bridge Code, which was in force at the signing of the agreement, which states that Load test is a necessary requirement for the work to be definitely approved.

He added that in previous studies, which are an integral part of the contract, it is noted that the contractor will charge the costs for all necessary tests to ensure that the work delivered meets the technical standards.

Due to the observations made by ETA's audit firm in the development of the work, therefore, it requested the designer from 27 December 2017 the load test at his own expense.

Ortiz indicated that the above was ratified by Invías considering that "if behavior is not adequate under normal conditions of construction during construction, the static and dynamic load test must be performed at the expense of the entrepreneur who moves the construction process."

Francisco Javier Martínez, Legal Director of Sacyr Colombia, told EL TIEMPO that neither the load test nor the side jam were in the contract but that the company in any case prepares the business to meet these requirements, at whose cost it has not been thought whether they should take it to the arbitration panel.

For his part, Juan Pablo Durán, production manager for the company, said that it is very common to provide bridges with no load tests in Colombia. "We have built other bridges for other devices, such as Invías and they have no proof of loading. As a rule, they do not take it, he added. Meanwhile, due to alleged technical shortcomings, Sacyr's share in Spain fell by 7.9 percent on Friday.


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