Friday , October 22 2021

Dronken raccoons change order in the US city


Virginia .- In Milton, a city in the state Virginia westernUSA) neighbors panicked to meet raccoons that appeared quite unusual and feared to be infected with the evil rabies, local people promptly told the police about the existence of threatening straight raccoons.

The security heads soon came to participate in the conversation and ended the fear of the neighbors when they discovered that the animals did not suffer from any disease, but where full to eat fermented apples.

A police publication on Facebook revealed the unexpected situation:

"This masked bandit is detained by Sgt. Collins and several residents in the neighborhood," they joked.

"We've had conversations to alleged straight raccoons twice in the past two days, it turns out they appear to be full of apples," they wrote.

The police reported that the two raccoons caught in the neighborhood were released without scratching near the forest.

The raccoons were released near the forest. Photo: Illustrative / Pixabay

Asimimo, warned that if they see a disoriented raccoon, it may be a sick animal, so they recommend not approaching him and calling them to take responsibility.

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