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Earlier Junior Equity Quarterfinals of League Aguila 2018 II – Colombian Soccer – Sports

The defeat led by Junior against Jaguares, played last weekend in Romelio Martinez, has not reduced the expectation that the Red and White fans have in the quarterfinal of the league. It is obvious that the best of Barranquilla's salary component was not in that commitment and that, for this Thursday before La Equidad, another panorama is expected.

The seventh star, won in 2012, is a distant memory. Two Colombian Cups did not rise either, seeming not to weigh more in the memory than the three league finals that fled before DIM and Nacional (twice).

Far from speculation it is clear that Junior has enough time to focus on the league, as his second match against Santa Fe, which corresponds to the semi-final Copa Sudamericana, will be played on November 28th. Today, the image of Julio Comesaña will be measured on La Equidad, a team characterized by its order and regularity under the direction of Luis Fernando Suárez.

At 8:00 pm, in the big city stadium, the history of the league must be started, with the center of the Antioquia Center, Wilmar Roldán.

"The first thing Junior must understand is that he will not have a light rival on the front. This is a challenge we must adopt with all seriousness and with high demand. La Equidad is a skilled team that has many criteria in court and a coach who are very capable of coming out in any case. We will try to make our game with great confidence, take advantage of every quality and without neglecting us, "says junior coach Julio Comesaña.

"We know that at the level we have and through history we are favorites, but that does not mean we should rely on ourselves," added the junior striker Luis Diaz.

The return game between junior and insurance company will be in Bogota next Sunday, from kl. 19:30 m.

Probably targeted

Sebastián Viera; Marlon Piedrahita, Jefferson Gómez, Rafael Pérez, Gabriel Fuentes; Leonardo Pico, Víctor Cantillo, James Sánchez, Jarlan Barrera; Teófilo Gutiérrez and Luis Díaz.
CT: Julio Comesaña

Wilhelm Garavito
Barranquilla DNA Editor

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