Friday , April 23 2021

Esteban Andrada enjoys playing before the River, after his good match against Patronato

"It was two tough months, they told me I would go back next year, but I tried to speed up recovery, I thought it would cost me a bit more for inactivity, but I felt very well." Thanksgiving belongs to Esteban Andrada, goalkeeper to Boca, who returned to being a starter in the bow xeneize with a good performance before Patronato and It is shaped to be from the beginning in the feedback of Copa Libertadore's final against the river next week.

After 57 days, Lanus was exarquero fast reflexes and had good interventions in the tight win by 1 to 0 on the "Pattern", which is the most prominent encounter at the end of the match as he flew to defend Matías Garrido's shot, which would have resulted in a draw at La Bombonera.

Andrada collides with Dede and bursts her jaw.
Andrada collides with Dede and bursts her jaw.

The goalkeeper was at the height of the Boca arch and now Guillermo Barros Schelotto has to decide if Agustín Rossi continues, outstanding work in the end with the River, or if he gives confidence in the former "grenade".

After the match, Mellizo said at a press conference that "the sensations were good" as regards Andradas performance, while stressing that "he went to the balls shared without fear". He added: "I saw him well, he will have seven working days, and on Saturday he will decide on him and the rest of the team."

Will you have your chance?

Pavón, almost discarded

Guillermo Barros Schelotto said what the fans of Boca did not want to hear in the face of the Copa Libertadores Superfinal rematch. With a certain termination, the coach acknowledged that "(Cristian) Pavón arrived" to match the river because of the tear in his left leg.

He was also sincere and He stressed that it is a meeting where he needs all the players in their entirety. "Within the court, we need eleven players who run permanently, if Pavón can not make it difficult for him to play," he explained.

On the other hand, technician Boca considered that "there are no favorites" and that between both teams is everything "very even". In that regard, he said that the first finals were "even" and that the differences were marked "by the good players" that both teams have.

In addition, Barros Schelotto referred to the situation of Carlos Tevez, who had a good performance before the Paraná team: "You have to prepare him to come up with the best, either from the beginning or during the game," he said about Apache.

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