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Florida is located as the second most expensive commercial street in Latin America


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President Masaryk Avenue, located in the heart of Mexico, is still considered to be the most expensive street to open a store, according to the report by Main Street's Across the World 2018, which has just presented the US consulting company Cushman & Wakefield. . The second most expensive street is Pedestrian Florida in Buenos Aires and the third García D Avilla in Rio de Janeiro, according to one of the most sought after rankings.

While the value of the luxurious Masaryk was lowered, it has returned to anchor in thirteenth position among the most expensive streets in America. Although the gold was retained, the price of its rents went from US $ 1,170 of annual rent per square meter 2017 to $ 1,063 US $ 2018.

Although Florida is in the second most sought after place, it does not go through its best moment with one of the highest available places in its history of 9.9, while it historically turned around 3%. The Cushman & Wakefield study explains: "The Florida Pedestrian stretches from Avenida Córdoba to Avenida Corrientes has an annual rent of U $ S774.4 per square meter Florida ranked 16th in the ranking of most streets faces, snatching the silver prize from Brazil.

Marcelo Zuliano, head of Colliers, who conducted a similar study ten years ago, said: "According to our studies, too much, the area for Acoyte and Rivadavia Florida Street is considering today's best."

Third place on the podium is located on the street Garcia DAvilla in Rio de Janeiro, whose rents are around us USD 746.3 per square meter per year. Located in the Ipanema area, it restored its brightness this year and represented the prestigious Oscar Freire Jardins in Sao Paulo. The annual rental price for a shop in Oscar Freire Jardins is US $ 656.2 per square meter.

Monterrey and Bogota close the list of the most expensive streets in America to open a store. The Mexican street Calzada del Valle was in 19th place this year, with an income of 520 USD per square meter and per year. Parque de la 93, in Bogota, offers annual rents of US $ 473.9 per square meter and becomes the only Colombian street in the prestigious American ranking.

The most expensive streets in the world at global level are in very remote places. The first is Causeway Bay in Hong Kong, the prestigious Fifth Avenue in New York and the famous New Bond Street in London. Rents in the world's first three streets range from $ 27,600 per square meter per year to $ 18,181.

According to Colliers: "In the retail world, global panorama shows that in the major world corridors, prices fluctuated between 12% and 14%." On Fifth Avenue, New York, the average rent (u $ s / m² / month) decreased 12% from 2017 to 2018. On London's Old Bond Street, prices rose 12.4% and in Florida fell 14.3%, the devaluation of ".

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