Friday , May 14 2021

Not even the thieves! Perfect robbery was damaged by a security camera [VIDEO]

A band of thieves, apparently very organized, had everything ready for the theft of their lives, because they intended to steal expensive spare parts from freight vehicles. And even though they climbed, they crept, they connected alarms, they failed to steal in the store.

The reason? They forgot a detail, disconnect a security camera that recorded all the pirouettes they did to enter the vineyard and get the change.

Thus, a gang formed by several criminals broke a roof, damaged the security system and used ropes to enter the premises of the city of Puente Aranda.

According to the revealed, they knew that there was a motion detector system so they began to creep on the ground. What they forgot was to avoid a camera that was connected to the monitoring company's monitoring system.

Thanks to these images, they can harm the plan for criminals, who also tried to steal a car that was in the warehouse.

Even if the band fled, the video is the key to finding them. They would move in a truck and in a public car.

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