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Review of Apple Watch Series 4 [FW Labs]


Refreshing change and increase of power.

We will tell you something: When we saw the presentation of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max, what was our attention was the new Apple Watch Series 4.

Why? It's a "S" year that does not lead to many obvious changes in the naked eye, and although it's very good and is one of the phones of the year, Apple Watch changed a lot and paid more attention.


All parts of the design, where some would like a cover, Apple is faithful and creates identity with its square, but now with a screen that extends far beyond the previous, it reaches 44mm when it comes to our device, but the eye in size is equal to the previous 42 mm. There is more to see and the screen is better, nothing to argue for.

Apple Watch Series 4 Review FayerWayer

The rest of the body follows the same lines, but the speakers are both on the left side and are condemned higher, so people who like to listen to Siri (who work better than on iPhone, for some mysterious reason) or call busy hands can you do it with much more peace of mind.

The back of the sensor is narrower and thinner, making it more comfortable to wear, in fact, much more comfortable.

In terms of bands, these are still customizable within the universe that Apple offers. It's not cheap, it's not new, quiet troll.

Apple Watch Series 4 Review FayerWayer

There are new patterns that better utilize the screen's greater space, but it's not yet open to people to contribute their ideas. It would be good if they gave space to society.

By the way, a little detail: the crown now turning is using the vibrating engine and feels real. I'm not lying, it's like it's a mechanical wheel. In addition, there is a small sound that emulates the wheel on the iPod. Little good details that make the difference.


When they say it's twice as fast as Series 3, which actually was already good, I think so. This watch is like a bullet. There are no crashes, there is no waiting and finally the feeling that the processor sometimes could not with the applications disappear.

As a smart watch, it is the fastest hit on the market and is one of the few that accepts LTE connectivity with such a small body. Unfortunately, in our region, operators are still not charging the batteries for eSim, but from Apple they say they are in talks and that Colombia would be close to the leap.

Apple Watch Series 4 Review FayerWayer

In such an elegant body, fast and free from crash operating systems, you have something that allows me to leave the phone at home to go out, like cycling, listening to music on the headphones and receiving conversations with Lugnet in a pretty Advanced waterproofing makes it a huge device.

The battery lasts about two days, but I can not reach it if I use it to measure the dream. It is definitely an appliance that is designed to be charged each night. In that respect, Apple is somewhat updated, but let's agree that it does much more.

Yes, now it automatically recognizes as you train and encourage you to start a workout. It was missing and it is amazing that it is. Siri can be ordered without saying "Hey Siri", just enough to lift the wrist, which works spectacularly well.

Apple Watch Series 4 Review FayerWayer

Measurements are much more accurate now, even though in my case the billing follows the question of knowing when you are standing and when you are sitting. I can take hours to play the Playstation in the armchair and congratulate myself on standing so long. It happens to me from the first and all smartwatch that they want me to stand on. They think I am.

The rest is fantastic and filling the activity wheels is a vice. The heart rate measurement is super accurate and you can make an electrocardiogram in the future just seem black magic. All this together with paused breathless memories can make the best of you and drive you to be the best version of yourself. When I Read Around: Using an Apple Watch is like taking care of a Tamagotchi, where the pet you do not want to die is you.

Who is it for?

First of all and as it has been since its inception, it only works with iPhone. It's too bad because it's a good product that everyone should be able to take advantage of no matter which mobile phone they have. Anyway, I do not expect Apple to open it, at least in the near and medium term.

First it was just for enthusiasts and -early adopters then it was for those who were looking for a good addition to their iPhone. Then it became the best fitness device on the market. Now it's for everyone who has an iPhone and wants a better quality of life and being more aware of their health, with a faster and more aesthetically pleasing device than before. Totally recommended.

Apple Watch Series 4 Review FayerWayer

The version with GPS sells from $ 399, varying size, the material in the housing (this is aluminum, stainless steel and sapphire screen are more expensive) and LTE connection. In the official dealers in each country, you can see the price offered in your city.

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