Wednesday , October 27 2021

Samsung opens its largest store in Mexico


CITY OF MEXICO (Expansion) – Samsung Electronics Mexico opened its main sales center in Mexico at the Perisur Trade Center in Mexico, Thursday, and is thus the largest place in the country and the second most representative in Latin America.

"It's the biggest concept we have, has more than 300 square meters and is a new project and is different from other stores because it has the integration of all areas, ie: consumers, electronic, smartphones, wearables, tablets. In addition, the good end result means a lot in the electronic part, the event can even account for 30% of the year's total sales, "said Diego Altuzar, Head of Sales and Marketing at Samsung Mexico.

Samsung has invested over the past year in opening five stores, the latest being the Samsung Store Perisur and Samsung Store at the Parque Delta Shopping Center, which will be operational from November 16th.

"With these five openings, we confirm our growth in Mexico and always keep the primary goal of being close to people to meet their needs and provide what we know best: innovative high quality equipment. All our stores are specifically designed to live the technology, We present experiences that make us different, and where customers can make personal purchases according to their lifestyle. We will continue to invest to open new stores in the country, "he said during the opening, HS Yes, President of Samsung Electronics Mexico.

These new outlets are created to provide visitors with a wide portfolio of equipment under a concept of experience zones that allow for coexistence with the features and features of the equipment while learning about innovation and technology in the company.

Some of the programs that will offer these stores are the attention premium, the service Express Repair with a maximum delivery of one hour to smartphones, program "change your smartphone" where they provide money for other devices, whether or not they are Samsung, in addition to the possibility of acquiring their Samsung Protect extended warranty.

Finally, it is important to note that these stores will count 365 days a year with interest rates due to the partnership they achieved with Palacio de Hierro.


The opening of its two last stores coincides with the shopping term called Good End, where companies have offers from 16-16 November.

As part of Good End 2018, Samsung will offer offers and offers on services, products and accessories, such as 10% to 50% discounts on all its products, including devices, televisions, and smart devices.

During Good End, all families on Samsung TV, including the QLED TV screenbar, will have discounts up to 50% plus additional benefits, depending on the distributor or price club.

Lee: This is the strategy to participate in Good End for months without interests

On the other hand, the white line portfolio will have discounts up to 30% plus additional benefits, depending on the distributor or price club where the goods are purchased.

Regarding smartphones Galax, S9 and S9 +, Galax S8 and S8 +, Note8, A8 and A8 +, A6 +, J4, J6 and J8 as well as the Grand Prime model will have discounts between 12% and 25% in the Samsung Store.

During these days, the customers with the "Blue Coins" upgrade program will accumulate up to 20% of the value of purchases made in Samsung Stores, which can be used as payment at the next visit by simply downloading the mobile application.

"One of the major benefits is that in addition to the discount, the score will be generated, we usually give five, but eventually they will be up to twenty, so you can buy more products," concluded Altuzar.

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