Thursday , May 13 2021

The emotional computer virus spreads rapidly in Central America

The computer virus "Emotion" was discovered last week by the Research Laboratory of ESET Latinaomérica in Costa Rica; where they registered at least 100 infections thanks to their telemetry system.

This virus is part of a family of banks that is very persistent and spreads automatically in much the same way as computer masks. This virus is spread through spam campaigns that make us believe the file we download is legitimate and harmless.

The virus can spread rapidly in Central America

The victims were infected by opening infected documents in Word and PDF, which were sent as attachments via e-mails sent as invoices, payment notifications, bank account alerts, and pretend to be from legitimate institutions.

How do you protect yourself from these viruses?

"Being a botnet-type threat that aims to steal information from the device … it will be nice so it will be difficult for the user to detect it … unless you control network traffic, the processor's consumption of the different applications, among other technical features, "assured Camilo Gutiérrez, Head of Research Laboratory in ESET Latin America

Prior to this warning, Camilo offered three recommendations to protect the devices

  1. Use of security technology: Has a security application that has several proactive detection technologies that can detect any type of malicious behavior.
  2. application Update: Keep the applications, systems, and devices updated to correct all security issues that a cybercriminal can take advantage of.
  3. Knowledge and education: It is important that users know which techniques are used by the attacks to spread the threats and therefore pay attention to avoid being infected.

According to ESET, other countries on the American continent such as Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile and Argentina have also been affected.

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