Wednesday , October 27 2021

The pants tie by Jennifer Lopez who shares her followers


Jennifer Lopez is one of the celebrities who more innovative in your wardrobe. The famous singer has the ability to surprise his fans with his risky and extravagant appearance that leaves no indisputable, and as evidence of this is the latest outfit that has seen the star in Miami's streets.

On Thursday, November 15, the Bronx diva was photographed on the set of shooting in Florida with a garment that gives a lot of talk.

It's a dress pantyhose with its own matching neck that is attached to the same clothes and it stands out from the waist of New York, giving the effect that they are two different clothes.

Together with a short white shirt showing her belly and a few jewelry, the actress and the artist have complemented the look. Look!

Screenshot Insagram / Jennifer Lopez

own Jenny has through his Instagram stories shared a photo with the commented wardrobe next to it Dj Khaled, with which you share the song of the song money.

Fans of the couple Alex Rodriguez They have been shown to be divided into social networks.

"How terrible", "J Lo I'm your fan but you're not good at going to that "or" how ugly! "Are some of the comments that can be read next to the post while others say," How beautiful you see with everything "or" You are super beautiful. "

It seems that the 49-year-old artist would prepare a new video for her latest single boundless, as he presented in American Music Awards and belongs to the soundtrack of his next brand new movie, Second act

None of the two musicians has given more clues about the new production, so it is not known whether the producer will attend or simply visit his friend during the film.

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