Monday , September 27 2021

This has been the evolution of the design of MIUI icons: From MIUI 1 launched in 2010 to MIUI 10 – Xiaomi News

Yesterday, Xiaomi celebrated 9th Anniversary of his famous adaptation layer MIUI. A total of 10 versions over these 9 years that have made a major change not only at the design level but also in terms of functionality are of concern.

Since then MIUI has gained wide acceptance among Android users, falling in love every day with all those who try a smartphone from Xiaomi or even through multiple custom ROMs & # 39; are based on this layer of customization found for other brands that do not belong to the brand.

To remind us of the progress made in these 9 years, Xiaomi has uploaded to its profile in Weibo several photos showing us the design change that the most important icons of the systems have undergone. A big leap that has gone through the different modes that we have seen in the UIs as the icons in 3D design, the shadows or the stream minimalist design that dominate the market.

As we can see in these lines, the design of the icons in the MIUI 1 was already quite modern at the time, showing us 3D design images with rounded edges. The step towards MIUI 2 was chosen to make a somewhat flatter design, while its icons received an aesthetic change from rounded to more even corners.

The most significant changes were received in MIUI 5 and MIUI 7, where the design of the icons got a major renovation using simpler and minimalist lines. Also in MIUI 8 and MIUI 9, the icons became even flatter and different colors were reduced to achieve a more discreet balance between them.

Finally, with the arrival of MIUI 10 designed by the theme of each icon referring to the original applications in the customization layer was renewed, leaving room for much clearer theme, as in large parts of the applications represents in a much more specific way what each one is about.

Similarly, we must remember that the launch of MIUI 11 is just around the corner, a new version of the famous Xiaomi customization layer that promises to bring us a renewal not only in the design of its icons, but in the animations and transitions of the system in general. And you What version of MIUI do you stay with? Which icons do you like best?

source | Weibo

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