Friday , May 14 2021

What work can Paulo Autuori do with Nacional before going on vacation?

Nacional started its after-competition period after 62 matches over 256 days.

And although the squad will have several weeks of training under the command of Paulo Autuori Before the holiday it is 58 days before the team has activity again. This is when the Fox Sports Tournament begins in Bogotá (friendly).

Therefore, there is enough time for coaching staff and the board to perform other tasks such as the management of reinforcements and departures in the club that began this week and should be completed as soon as January begins.

But there are other tasks that can have the same impact on a better outlook for the next season.

In the dialogue that Autuori held with this medium, he acknowledged his prerequisite to performing a coordinated work from the first projected team against the fundamental forces. Something he called a "vertical management" as the need for all categories to be adapted to the same parameters of professional staff.

He even referred to his experience in Peru, Sporting Cristal, with whom he advanced an interesting work in the lower. "I liked to train under-15. The big clubs should focus a lot on their quarries," he said.

This is not new in the green box, Juan Carlos Osorio Four years ago, he showed the need for technicians to be fully involved in youth education. Giraraldense also provided protocols for training and feeding of the homegrowna in its passage of National.

Classic in sight

This is a great time to recover that focus. In the absence of the team's activities, the green sub-20 representative is preparing to play the semi-finals of the Super National Cup against Medellín, tomorrow at Atanasio from 10:00 in the morning.

The team leading the former player Nixon Perea He played 32 matches in the competition; He won 19, took 8 and lost five. He scored 44 goals and got only 17.

In addition to the title show, this group offers interesting players who approach the professional squad as well Andrés Reyes, Yéiler Góez, Sebastián Yabur and Hayen Palacios.

The enclosed campus of Nixon Perea In this section, it would help a lot Autuori in the exact X-ray that pretends to succeed in the composition of a team that does not fit a mistake more in terms of signatures and wage preparation. Because the answers to qualify the 2019 template must be found both in the difficult market and in the base of the club, although these require time and patience.

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