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Both will be in El Campin today, where Santa Fe will receive Deportes Tolima in the first quarter of the quarterfinals of the Águila League (8:00 p.m.)

Presens oriented, different kind of origin. Tonight, both, with their luggage and their history, will coincide from 8:00 p.m. in the El Campin stadium in Bogota in the first game of the game that will give a ticket to the semi-finals of Liga Águila. In a corner, with 1.72 meters height and 68 kilos weight, Wilson Morelo, the hero of the outrageous classification of Independiente Santa Fe After the triple against Millonarios and scores of Copa Libertadores, with nine goals. In the other, Marco Pérez, a spiky attacker of 1.82 meters and 78 kilos, one of the tournament gunners with 17 touchdowns in 19 games with Sport Tolima.

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They are afraid, both live the best moment of their careers, perhaps of their lives, given that old days left cuts and suffering that marked them. Wilson and Marco start doing footwork. They are ready to draw. They are both in the ring of the colossus of the 57th.

Chocoano sends a hook full of courage, he only needs to remember the appellant bullying as he suffered in the past. It's the engine that concerns him to keep working.

Remember, above all, who trip nine years ago in his presentation in Real Zaragoza, Spain. He painted as a good prospect after the double that had made Argentina with Colombia in the South American sub 20th of 2009. But as he fell and played with the ball Marco went to the ball and went to the floor, paper. It was a source of impossibility. After he played 16 matches and just scored a goal, a failure. They even cataloged as the worst sign in the club history.

Strong blow to the ribs for Wilson as Marco sent him. Same, used since childhood. Because the dilemma was to stay with boxing or soccer. He chose the latter, but the determination was not simple. The most predictable was to follow the steps in William, his brother, a professional who was known in the boxing world as the Hammer. He, his idol and role model. But on July 27, 2009, happiness was diluted in Morelo's house. Some beaten men confused William with a member of criminal gangs and shot him. "We were nails and dirt. We often talked and I always remember that he was the one who motivated me to give everything to court, "the painter said about the hardest battle that life has given him.

One, two, three (…) nine, counted the judge. He thought about abandonment, but Wilson got up and made sense of where he did not have them. "It was God". He sat down to honor his brother. Your philosophy: The one who pinches, but is not hanging. While worried about the loss of his brother, Marco received arrows and fools from the Spanish press. Neither was happy.

Cordovan gets back in ring and send one jab directly to Marco Hak, who felt a pain comparable to that experienced during his trip to Argentina when he was baptized "Murderer of the Goal" for the amount of so many wasted

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He walked through Independiente, Belgrano. Also in O & # 39; Higgins in Chile and then returned to their country in Independiente Medellín. Nowhere did it meet expectations. In 2014 he joined Deportes Tolima, the club where he lasted for several years as a supporting actor. Today he is uneven, against all odds. He does them in the area, on the outside and up to 45 meters from the arch. In 2018 he has played 35 games and has an average score every 144 minutes.

Marco fills himself, goes aside and whispers to Morelo that he expects much more from him. He reminds him of his frustrated steps in three Mexican laws and a Chilean law. Wilson, with the precaution that the years teaches, does not fall into his game.

The first round is over. The two left were strengthened by the fist that gave them life. Everyone on their own way, on time. But in today's and Saturday's duel there will only be a winner.

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