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Australian rally after day 2: They lead Toyota to the title of Ogier

The first place is represented by Estonian Ott Tnak, who has the title of world champion. The type of footstep Fine Jari-Matti Latvala (both Toyota Yaris WRC) and Japanese character is so short of the title in Pohru Konstruktr.
Rally's operations on the continent's eighth consecutive speed test, and all first riders in the first fleet, proved to be at least one lap test over time. Sebastien Ogier (Ford Fiesta WRC) from France is the title of the title and world champion. If we scored in the next few days, according to the current order, we would get the following: Ogier 212 points, Tnak 206, Neuville 205.

Do not use toyots

The day went to the head of Norwegian Mads Ostberg (Citron C3 WRC), but he did not choose the best tires in his word. It was not the best grip. Snail I ride on the edge, but with toyotami not to lead, be too fast. I want a pet and a treasure, and I'll go the last day, Ostberg said on Saturday.
At first place, Latvala sat for the first time, but after the repetitions he was captured by his colleague Ott Tnak. I do not want cars in cars, but this is my mt. Mm rubber is completely destroyed, sludge after RZ15. He does not want to see first place. From the dark I can clearly see the instructions to stay on top of each other to get up on the stairs, so we can tinkle with the title in the characters, Fin added.
Tnak vyhrl type of day for speed test. We do not have the fate of the ampion in our hands. Snam does not think so, let you be on the go and push it all the way. There is no other monosity for m. I drive as well as possible, and my priority is the Toyota title in the world. Seb is a clever guy, and he has been busy with his current situation, shouted Tnak. His position is not really hilarious. If he won and was fastest at Power Stage, he would be 211 points. Just one point, not Ogier, if he stays in his current position.

One thing, one kind

The tiatic toilet Ogier stuck in an eastern place on Saturday and obviously got it. The main round is to go before Thierry. We are in a position where we have enough points, and we can not take the risk. Afternoon tours were easier. There is no price hurrying at any price, Ogier said. It has 54 seconds to get lost for the Esapak Lappi (Toyota Yaris WRC). For twenty seconds Ford's Velan Elffyn Evans and 50.4 seconds of his kind are the best guy in the match for the Thieryy Neuville title (Hyundai i20 Coup WRC).
Belgium has moved two positions to eight compared with the bird, but it is in battle for the title. Depending on the position of the position and the winning point, it would even fall to the tent. I drove full, but we have no ancients, the conditions on the track are pages. But I will never give up, said the rider. He could talk about a big twenty, because he kicked down the rear wheel and had to fix it. Due to the problem, he suffered a problem while traveling to the service center where mechanics took care of the right.

The master knows about the moon

The second day's trip was North Carolina Knight Craig Breen, who had fallen from second place and the first of the pots he had collected for 3:50 minutes for late check-in. In order not to have one of the other tests, I got the lesson, he had to go back and lay it for another fifteen seconds, Breen said.
Driving time on speeds and velocity tests for a total length of 84 kilometers. The last lap test this season starts from Saturday to Sunday in 3.18 Central Europe. It is 7.16 kilometers and after it's over, we become new and old world champion. Will it be a potion Ogier, or Tnak and Neuville?

The very rally of the Australian rally

Status (after 18 of 24 SS): 1. Tnak, Jarveoja (Est./Toyota Yaris WRC) 2: 07: 52.0; 2. Latvala, Anttila (Fin. / Toyota Yaris WRC) +21.9; 3. Paddon, Marshall (N. Zl., Brit./Hyundai i20 WRC) +26.3; 4. Ostberg, Eriksen (Nor./Citron C3 WRC) +46.6; 5. Lappi, Ferm (Fin. / Toyota Yaris WRC) +50,4; 6. Ogier, Ingrassia (Fr./Ford Fiesta WRC) +1: 44.8; 7. Evans, Barritt (Brit. / Ford Fiesta WRC) +2: 04.6; 8. Neuville, Gilsoul (Bel./Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC) +2: 35.2; 9. Suninen, Markkula (Fin./Ford Fiesta R5) +2: 49,0; 10. Breen, Martin (Ir., Brit. / Lemon C3 WRC) +6: 26.8 17. Mikkelsen, Jaeger (Nor ./Hyundai i20 Coup WRC) +42: 24.0.
The results are neoficiln.

The rest of the Australian rally program

Saturday 20.53 RZ19 (15.55 km), 21.36 RZ20 (19.27 km), 22.38 RZ21 (7.16 km).
Sunday 1.01 RZ22 (15.55 km), 1.44 RZ23 (19.27 km), 3.18 RZ18 (7.16 km) Power Stage.

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