Friday , April 23 2021

Centenary CTK invited the office. She has shown over 170 images from the archive – ČT24 – Czech Television

In Prague's Opletalova Street, the National Intelligence Agency prepared an open day for those interested. For the first time for hundreds of years by CTK, the public could look at the places where news is being made, which is used by the media not only in the Czech Republic. CTK's door opened to visitors at nine o'clock in the morning and the last guests could arrive at 15:30.

"We want to show the public how the agency has worked earlier and now, what technology has served the reporters, how our pressroom looks like the news is," says CTK editor Radka Mates Markova.

The Czech Press Office was formed as well as the Czechoslovak Republic on 28 October 1918. The office celebrates its centennial celebration for the whole year. In addition to the day of the open door, for example, a photo exhibition of the century's eyes was prepared for the public. It recalled 163 pictures from its more than seven million archives of the Republic's history. The exhibition traveled along Czech and Moravian cities and is currently in sight in Šumperk.

CTK has 250 employees, of which approximately 180 are editors. Since 1993, it has been a state-owned institution that is both state-owned and economically distinct from the state. CTK is not financed from state budget or concession fees and all costs are covered by news sales.

Last year, ČTK had a turnover of SEK 247 million and managed a profit of 8.7 million. The act of CTK, as a sense of agency function, does not yield profit but for public service. More than six hundred CTK clients provide text messages, photos, audio, graphics, video and latest live video transmissions. Every day he releases 500 messages, over 300 images from his own production and about a thousand photos from the world.

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