Friday , October 22 2021

Pustevny will not be in summer, not water for sunset


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The water for the sunset is a long shot from the brook, but it is now so it was not possible to dream what lynn was limiting. Therefore, we decided to completely cancel the luxury season this year, we will not pull the lifts for the winter, to Petr Chrostek, Head of the Pustevny Club.

He said he now likes being on the right to build a new cable car, then to a monumental water facility for sunset.

The preparations for its construction are now in place, when they are all spoken, piblil Chrostek.

If there is only water in the stream during Pustevny this year, use it only for the blue slopes that are adjusted further.

In some cases, the situation of the skiers in Mosty u Jablunkova is very high.

Natst has available retenners, without which the sow was practically nemon. The water sources in the surrounding area are not large, to the skier Jaroslav Bojko.

But even here they are not full of peace. The retention ndr bundles are the first to come in, then we have to go again and add, added Boyko.

Water is also covered by the Polish slopes

Without much water lies Kempaland in Bukovec. But there is also a lack of water.

We take water from nearby Ole, explains Kempalanda employee Lucie Jaloviorov. Although there is enough water, the problem is that in Poland upstream there are two large slopes that take a lot of water. We need to make a minimum of water, and it's a bit tight, she says.

They want to react to the waters of Severka in Doln Lomn. This year we will finish the cable car, but one year we will build a change, the current is almost vertical, "says Radek Boh's skier.

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