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Senate's new chairman is Jaroslav Kuber. In the second round he hit Hampla – ČT24 – Czech Television

Video Kubera is the new president of the senate


Kubera is the new president of the Senate

Kubera reiterated the elected senators that the most important thing for the Senate would be the protection of freedom, democracy and constitution. He promised to try to convince them, according to his nomination, that he would become politician to a statesman, just like his predecessor, Milan Štěch (CSSD), becoming a unionist.

Cubes: The Senate is no longer poorer

It also intends to ensure that the Senate is not a "poorer man in the House". The new chairman of the Senate also hopes that he will not act as head of the upper chamber for the next two years. "I want to be Senate's president for six years," said Kuber, who defended his senate mandate for the next six years this year.

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"It is imperative to communicate the President of the Senate with the President, the Prime Minister and the President of the Chamber of Deputies," he said in a nomination. In order to improve the Senate's position, Kuber wants to contribute to travel to individual districts to support senators regardless of their political affiliation.

Former President of the Senate, Milan Štěch, does not expect significant changes in the direction of the upper chamber. "In order to fulfill his mandate, the president must base his decision on Senate bodies' resolutions and submit opinions that correspond to the Senate's current opinion. If he only presented his private opinions, sooner or later, it would be a problem, he said. The Senate will remain a constitution and rule of law policy.

The election of the new Senate leadership was the most requested point at the first election after the election. None of the factions had a convincing majority in the Senate, so the chairman came from the second round where Kuber and Hamplem advanced.

For the first time in two decades, the senator had a selection of three candidates in the first round. The 18-member civil democrats nominated Jaroslav Kuber (ODS), who received 35 votes in the first secret ballot. His voices were publicly promised by representatives of YES and some of the Social Democrats. In the second round, he supported 46 senators and became the new chairman of the upper chamber.

The same big Starosta club nominated Jan Horník, vice chairman of STAN, who received 18 votes in the first round and no longer went. Hampla, nominated by the KDU-ČSL Fifteen Club, elected 22 senators in the first round. However, in the second round only 24 members of the upper chamber were supported.

Hope to vote for Cuber was not happy

Hampla was surprised that Kuberou had left so badly. "It would be difficult to achieve this result without a significant part of the mothers and independent clubs trusting it. As I acknowledge, it is a surprise to me, because my candidacy derives from a joint debate with the mayors," he said.

In response to Kuber, he chose not to care about it. He is concerned about his attitude towards the European Union. "I feel very important for the Czech Republic, for its policy at this time, our strong international foundation, especially in the European Union. And here I feel a more sarcastic attitude from Jaroslav Kuber," he added.

According to Hornik, the members of the STAN club had a free vote in the second round. At the same time, he said that Kuber could not be a bad chairman. "It will not be easy for Milan Štěch and Přemek Sobotka, but I have the impression that he has learned a lot during these years, working next to them and knowing how the Senate led him to represent him externally," he added.

The opposition now has a majority in the upper chamber. All three candidates, in their nominations, agreed that the Senate would primarily protect the constitutional values ​​and observe clarity and clarity in the laws adopted.

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Appointment of three candidates to the Senate President

"It is important that the Senate, perhaps more than ever, has spoken a clear word when one of the other political actors defies some constitutional principles," Hampl said. In the speech he also emphasized the Czech Euratlantic ties and the preparation of his EU Presidency 2022.

Hornik also stressed the need for understandable laws. The law may be intentional because it provides endless work for lawyers and consulting firms. The Senate should be a separate upper chamber. "We should not be exposed to external pressure from the party secretariat and would have higher interests," says STAN's vice president and mayor of Bozi Dar.

The Senate has five Vice-Presidents

At the first meeting, the Senate elected the Vice-Presidents, who again be five years after ten years, more than this, partly because of the will to maintain the principle of proportional representation. In the top chamber only two of the weakest clubs are represented, namely seven member YES and the Sex Medal Club for Liberal Democracy – Senator 21.

All five successors succeeded in the first round – senate president Milan Štěch (CSSD), current senate member Miluše Horská of the KDU-ČSL club, Jiří Oberfalzer from ODS, Jiří Růžička of Starostů Club and vice president STAN and failed candidate for President Jan Horník.

Štěch received the most votes secretly, and 74 out of 80 were given up. Oberfalzer received 71 votes, Horská 66, Růžička 63 and Horník 56. The seat of the Senate Vice-President was not defended by Ivo Bárek (CSSD), who was elected Chairman of the Mandate and Immunity Committee.

Draos and Fischer head of committees

Committees' leaders succeeded in former presidential candidates. Jiří Drahoš is chairman of the school committee, diplomat Pavel Fischer from the Foreign Affairs Committee.

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