Monday , March 8 2021

Škoda started testing a mobile charging station in Prague, connected to an electric wheel | car

Prague Škoda Auto DigiLab launched in Prague the pilot phase of the project for mobile charging stations for electric cars. The service will initially serve the company's fleets and platforms for cars that have electric vehicles in their fleets. In the future, an extension for private electric vehicle users is expected. This was reported by representatives of Škoda at Wednesday's press conference.

The mobile charging station is a device connected to an electric wheel. Thanks to the customer's request, the charger will quickly come to the desired location. The unit has a capacity of 16.8 kWh, and the energy can be transferred to a standard electric car of four hours, up to 80 percent of the charge.

Now only 1 000 electric cars are being estimated at Prague in Prague. This number also includes cars registered outside of Prague but actually driving in the capital. With the introduction of the first electrical models of Škoda on the market in 2019, a significant increase in their number can be expected. The first Škoda electric car will be based on Citigo, followed by an electric SUV based on the Vision E concept. In addition, Hybrid Superb will be available.

"The availability of available charging stations is a very important issue for current and future electric car owners. The mobile charging station is one of the solutions for situations where the batteries in the electric car are critical and the owner can not load in his neighborhood," says DigiLabu leader Jarmila Plachá.

In the Czech Republic there are over 200 charging stations, of which about half are fast charging. By the end of 2019, a total of 50 charging stations and nine medium charging stations will be built on Prague's streets.

Škoda Auto DigiLab is the Skoda Center for new services and applications. The company is thought of as a rapid response to computer technology and investigates and develops new business models, solutions and products. Škoda Auto DigiLab's core data includes experience sharing with external innovators.

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