Thursday , May 13 2021

Stoln tennis player Ostrava hosted Boll and gave the stars Dasseldorf

Stoln tennis player Timo Boll during the European Top 16 tournament in Montreux

| Photo: AP

The championship of the Champions League tennis championship is now in Ostrava. esc master TTC Ostrava will take place in Group A from 18:00 in the hall to build a meadow with Borussia Düsseldorf.

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Timo Boll will kick and he is a huge hug for the audience, he has changed the Ostrava club Petr Korbel to the nmeckho dark, which is in the world of fog.

Kristian Karlsson (25th World), Sharath Kamal Achanta (31st), Egypt Omar Assar (53th) and Anton Kllberg (140th), gave the extraordinary kiss Borussie.

Chilan Felip Olivares will not be in the house. Felipe left the house and called him a national union. M representative and not allowed to negotiate with the Chilean Union. That is why we start in the same competitions as in the first match in Germany. Tom T Rules will be the only one, and Ondrej Bajger and J, said Korbel, who was earlier in the Dsseldorf season.

I have a very personal relationship with this club and I was the same even before these years when I worked in Havlkov Brod where the product went into the group. The house had a great atmosphere at that time, and I think it will be like this time, f TTC Ostrava.

This nmeck club plays in Real Madrid in football. It's the same concept in a European table tennis and a club like Real in football, Korbel said, adding: "I hope it's out. Soupe is a definite favorite, and for us it will be a lot of luck, but even so you can enjoy a lot of table tennis.

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