Friday , May 14 2021

The World Cup's fourth match has ended with a 34-point draw

Norsk acquires Magnus Carlsen in retreat for the title of world champion.

| Photo: AP

Even after the fourth round of the championships between world champion Magnus Carlsen and US challenger Fabian Carouana, the mood has become irrelevant. The fourth place was still the shortest in their London match, and they were very excited to win the match in 34 rounds.

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Bl figures by Carlsen, who chose the English game, but did not make the decision. Remza was born much faster than in the first half of the game, it is ahead and 115th move. They ended the same after 49 strokes.

The Pt party is played in tens of London, the numbers in N will be Caruana. The time is set to 12 parts, two of them fall, one of the main champions is 6.5 points. In the undetectable result he will tie in the form of accelerated parts.

There are one million euros, of which 60% will win in battle 55. The world champion will announce no later than 28 November.

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