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Tunnel Ejpovice opened – Aktuálně.cz


The new tunnel in Pilsen, the longest in the Czech Republic, was the first special passenger ride today at 08:20. Already Thursday afternoon, when the traffic in a new southern four-kilometer-long tunnel was approved by the railway authority, freight trains can be run there. During the day all fast, fast and fast trains start from Pilsen to Prague and from Saturday to the opposite direction to Prague.

Ejpovický tunnel is part of the new line from Pilsen to Rokycan, which is located 3rd. Transit corridor Prague – Cheb.

Jiří Svoboda, Head of Railway Infrastructure Management (SŽDC), announced that he financed the modernization of the railroad to nearly 6.8 billion czk.

Passenger trains start running until December 8 until they are blocked and bus services are provided between Pilsen and Rokycany.

"The trial operation is allowed until 31 December 2019. Due to the complexity of the inspection process, the inspections were spread over two days, says spokesman Martin Novák. The first part was Tuesday, November 13th, the next part was on a tour this Thursday. Northern tube's final inspection awaits still.

According to SŽDC, the North Tunnel will drive freight trains from 7 December, one day later, by passenger train, and from 9 December, the new timetable, all trains with both pipes.

The riders will be able to cross the tunnel at a speed of 160 kilometers per hour, which is currently the highest possible on the Czech railways. In the meanwhile, they will only ride fifty.

According to spokesman for SŽDC Radka Pistorius, quoted by, the speed will be decided by the boss. In any event, the speed should gradually increase to 120 kilometers per hour in the test run. At the beginning of the year a power failure exam will take place and the speed will increase to 160 kilometers per hour.

"However, it is directed for future high-speed traffic so that the trains will be able to drive up to 200 kilometers per hour," Freedom said on the first passenger ride. Routes from Pilsen to Rokycan will be in 11 minutes, trains run in 20 minutes and bus for about 22 minutes. At slope units, driving time decreases for one minute. According to freedom, the modernization of the line also increased safety, passenger comfort and necessary throughput.

The journey between Pilsen and Prague is reduced by one hour and 20 minutes. They will be faster than buses from Pilsen to Prague-Florenc and Pilsen to Zličín in Prague and by subway to the city center. The route between Rokycany and Plzeň, which was reduced by six kilometers to 14 km, should be used by more people as representatives of both final cities.

The 4150 meter long tunnel tunnel was started in February 2015 at Kyzic and ended in Pilsen in June 2016. On the northern tube he started working on the shield in September 2016 and ended in October last year. Railways in the tunnel are in special armor panels that allow for passengers to rescue workers. The main advantage of the fixed track is its high service life, almost maintenance-free construction, low height for traction and, against the classic upper, better track position. The promenades lead the safety beams, where the cables and plaster wall are in the event of fire.

The total cost of the track, including the purchase of land, projects, demanding archaeological research and further works, amounted to SEK 6,783 billion. The construction itself, which the EU will provide 3.52 billion czk, has claimed over five billion kronor, of which the tunnel has extinguished less than half.

The event, launched in 2002, was by Metrostav and Subterra. Its completion was almost delayed due to the archaeological finds at the tunnel site. The excavation was carried out by a 1800-ton marker of the German company Herrenknecht with a cutting head diameter of almost ten meters and a machine length of 110 meters.

In the west of III. corridor, which is part of the trans-European transport network (TEN-T), the finished parts of the Plzen-Cheb state border Beroun-Zbiroh, Zbiroh-Rokycany, Rokycany-Pilsen and Pilsen. Finally, the new Beroun-Prague road is being prepared with a Beroun tunnel of twenty kilometers. The journey from Prague to Pilsen takes 45 minutes after completing all the way. tunnel. "I asked SŽDC to do a study and to start designing the tunnel," said Minister of Transport Dan Ťok (for YES) at the end of September. A better alternative than the tunnel is not at Berounka.

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