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VW Passat will be released in 2050, Karoqu will be transported to Europe | car


PRAGUE Volkswagen will bring the Passenger Pass to Koda Auto Factory in Kvasin, where it will be packed with the Koda Superb and Kodiaq models. He announced it at the press conference of the VW Group, Herbert Diess. In Kvasinsky, Koda Karoq and Seat Ateca models are currently being launched. Their production comes to a new Volkswagen unit, which will be in Europe's entrance. His city was not yet chosen.

Shredding is part of the new five-wheel full of things that a supervisor supervised. The new full is mainly focused on the production of electric cars, which will host the German power plants in Emde, Hannover and Zwickau. The first in Emden is now to be a passate.

At the same time, Volkswagen in Europe wants to leave its production capacity in Europe 2020. He is more about the band. The Karma has not decided for his local darkness and just says he will be in Europe's entrance.

The new car manufacturer, who would remedy earthquakes, will be in Bulgaria or Turkey in the Handelsblatt manual. Talking about Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. Bulgaria even has a well-kept place in the middle of a country where it is one of its suppliers.

Extensive expansion

The costs will be in the future, as well as the fact that India is in charge of the Indian market and the Russian market. In both cases, it means investing. In these regions, the group has focused a long time. Koda would have to come up with strategies like India and Russia to succeed. Below, the thumb should be the development of necessary models that can be left out of production for the rest of the world.

this year with a profit reduction, it is worth mentioning the changes in the new emission rules and the costs of certain gasoline and diesel engines as well as the first electrical codecs. Pomh but growing sales. Demand was very high, we utilized capacity of more than 110 percent, before Schrmann.

Nmeck Volkswagen Group intends to invest 44 billion euros in electric vehicles, digitization and other new technologies since 2023.

How is it

The built-in electric mobility will also occur. Schrmann believes, according to its estimates, that the profitability of such cars will not depend on the battery cost and will therefore fall in the car manufacturer's overall performance.

Without electricity

But it's not the only risk. With a troop in electric mobility, it's not that much. The Volkswagen group believed that 2025 would be cars and electric cars manufactured and operated. Therefore, the Nmeck ruins were thrown next to the Belgian dish. In this way, only hybrid versions will probably be released.

For cod and its supplier, it's a good idea first. This would mean that for decades in the Czech Republic, the decade of decline in the production of cars with internal combustion engines, the seller has been swearing. The changes in the group's supply chain change significantly, however.

Volkswagen's decision to drive the Emme Nmeck competition to an electrician has resulted in speculation that Superb Cadillac will be run to Nmeck. On the other hand, Volkswagen Passat will be full of cars. Sometimes she wrote that the Passat horse has no slider and can only sweat with Superb. However, this option is unlikely. Passat is one of Europe's most sold cars after decades, even with a ruling title. And there are a couple of sisters Superb who have gone a long way.

Last year, the Code delivered 1.2 million cars worldwide. It operates in the Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia, Algeria and India, through their partnerships, according to Ukraine and Kazakhstan in cooperation with local partners. It employs more than 35,000 people and is active for more than 100 markets.

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