Thursday , May 13 2021

Wounded and sick tennis player Karolína Plíšková: Treatment of paradise

Wrist problems, broken calf muscles, infection in the lungs … "I knew for a long time something was wrong. There were days when my walking hurt and I felt terrible. After my examination with Professor Kolář, my start in the final is eliminated. sorry, "she excused with the faddocks of" Fedcup "friends who eventually ran out of the weekend without her.

The victorious duel with the Americans was so lost for television, but when she stopped, she said, "I'll heal! According to the list of her diseases, she was mature at the hospital, her boss and friend in a person Michal Hrdlička confirmed that Kája would need to use antibiotics. Eventually, the tennis player decided to chat in a different way – on vacation!
With "Throat" they boarded the planet and set off for more than 7,000 kilometers of snakes in the heart of the Indian Ocean – the scenic Seychelles! "I'm in paradise," says Plíšková on Instagram and judging from her expression thirty steps steamers and the crystal clear sea cure it for good!

… and the coach was sent to the water!
You alone swan by the sea, but your coach is sent to the water! Karolína Plíšková finished with almost 9 months of gymnastics child Mark Většík. "We have chosen another direction for Karolina to go," says Plíšková, according to which Totíček goes under another tennis player's wings – Tomáš Berdych.

You can watch the video with Karolina Plíšková here:

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