Friday , May 14 2021

33th annual conference on pediatric surgery opens in Aswan

Assistant Secretary of Higher Education for International Relations, Dr Mohamed Al-Shennawi and Dr Ayman Osman, Deputy Chairman of the Aswan University, attended the 33rd Annual Conference for Pediatric Surgery organized by the Egyptian Child Surgical Society. Egyptian Pediatric Surgical Society, Dr Mohamed Suleiman, Social Secretary and about 180 Egyptian and foreign surgeons and interns, Arabs and Africans.

Aswan Deputy Governor Said Hijazi said that Aswan is pleased to host these scientific conferences to exchange expertise among specialists, researchers and students, especially in the field of pediatrics, to take advantage of their skills in educating young doctors with modern technology for to support hospitals and health units with qualified medical staff.

He said President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi's statement that the city of Aswan, the capital of African youth for the year 2019, is not only aimed at the youth industry but extends to the Aswan kiss for many activities and other areas to become this ancient province as Destination for Medical Tourism in Africa, a model in the Aswan Center Dr. Magdy Yacoub For Heart Diseases And Research.

He added that we seek parallel in order to encourage and support host for more medical and scientific conferences, as conference tourism is one of the tourism industry's types and tributaries, in addition to its role in implementing the President of the Republic's President, to pay attention to the health sector to raise the quality of health care in all its scientific, technical and human aspects. Simple citizen.

Dr. Ahmed Medhat, chairman of the Egyptian Child Surgical Society, thanked the deputy governor of Aswan for his concern to open the conference, which is considered to be one of the most important medical and scientific conferences in the world. He pointed out that the conference was attended by a large group of heads and officials in pediatric surgical departments abroad Arab, African and Egyptian.

Dr Mohamed Sulaiman, secretary of the Egyptian Child Surgical Society, said the three-day workshop will discuss the development of scientific research in the field of pediatric surgery, which the Egyptian child's surgical society has noted 36 years since the establishment of the society in 1982. To learn about it new in this area, which in turn helps to provide good service and integrated treatment of children in different stages of sunnis.

He stressed that the conference is an opportunity to transfer and exchange experiences and introduce participants from different countries to the Egyptian doctors in pediatric surgery, especially the association, although it is old but includes a generation of young doctors.

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