Friday , October 22 2021

4 daily drinks for your child to enhance immunity and prevent winter diseases


Details on the Alexandria Health Plan for Combating Winter Diseases

Beginning in the winter, young people's immunity weakened due to the cold weather, which exposes them to damage to colds and colds and flu, and mothers are very concerned.

Dr Ayman Awad, pediatrician and neonatologist says that proper nutrition, child support, personal hygiene and home ventilation are the most important rules for protecting children from communicable diseases in the winter. There are four drinks that should be given to the child every day in the winter to strengthen their immunity:

1 cup of lukewarm water and lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey, daily to expel toxins and strengthen the immune system.
2-cup milk milk honey, for breakfast and dinner to prolong the body's proteins, calcium and minerals that enhance immunity and help grow healthy.
3 – Hot drinks like: mint, anise, tilio and karawiya, which are necessary in the winter for the warming and cleaning of the respiratory system, and to enhance immunity, preferably to the child immediately before sleep, or between meals.
4 – Natural juices made home with some sugar, giving the child important nutrients and energy needed, preferably giving a glass of juice per child daily at any time of the day.

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