Thursday , May 13 2021

A bus for transporting students from Beni Suef from the parking lot to East Nile

Dr. Mansour Hassan, President of the University of Beni Suef, confirmed the allocation of a bus to transport the students and students from Governor's villages from the Muqeif Al-Din Association to the University Headquarters in the East of the Nile to facilitate them and to maintain their security and security.

This came under his chairmanship at the Faculty of Arts Council, in the presence of Doctor Jouda Mabrouk, Faculty Dean, agents, faculty departments and members of the Council.

The President also pointed to the need to provide constructive suggestions and views that benefit education, research and service activities at the university and university and solve problems that may arise in the college in accordance with current regulations and current laws.

University President, which has been concluded with 5 private hospitals in Cairo and Beni Suef, to provide health and treatment services necessary for faculty members, support agencies and university workers without borders.

He added that the university council agreed to sign a series of famous pharmacies to issue drugs. Members and employees receive a reduction of up to 15% in direct purchases of local medicines and 8% in direct purchases of imported drugs. Provides home delivery.

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