Monday , September 27 2021

After retiring from the arts .. See .. Artist Jihan Nasr blurred with his children

Hiba Magdy posted a new photo of her through the social network for photos and videos Instagram with Mu & # 39; tazila artist Jihan Nasr and her children.

Jihan Nasr appeared with Heba Magdy after attending the special screening of King Lear's play, starring Heba Magdy, and great artist Yehia El Fakharany and her husband Mohamed Mohsen.

“Suddenly, in the King Lear show, Embarah came to see the star" Behan Nasr "and her children.

The image received wide response from its followers via Instagram.

It is noteworthy that artist Jihan Nasr withdrew the artwork after his marriage to businessman Saud Sharbatly, and that in the late nineties, especially in 1997.

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