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Today in the league, Zamalek aims to move forward in front of military production

Saturday November 10, 2018 8:06:00 – Reader 52

Today in the league, Zamalek aims to move forward in front of military production


In the last game of the league, Tunisian duo Hamdi Nqaz and Farjani Sassi did not participate with Zamalek, Al-White defeated Al Ittihad in Alexandria 5-1.

Certainly, the previous statement does not in any way explain the impact of the strong rightback or midfielder who creates opportunities with Zamalek and without the pair that Christian Gross is due to his plan that led Zamalek to the top of the league, the cavalry can suffer from military production.

Zamalek enters 14th of the Egyptian league, leading the championship with 23 points, while production comes fourth with 19 points.

But Zamalek is careful about 3 things.

Military Production Record

Al-Harbi is not one of the clubs with a good record against Zamalek, where he won only twice in 15 meetings between the two teams.

But in the last five league matches, Zamalek has won only twice.

Zamalek's last victory in the league was in December 2016.

What happened last season also warns Zamalek, where Zamalek won production in the Cup quarterfinal and joined the military team twice in the league. Zamalek achieved the first part of the equation by winning production in the 16th round of the Egyptian Cup.

Mokhtar Mokhtar

In 22 matches against Zamalek before in various competitions Mokhtar Mokhtar scored 22 points from Zamalek.

Lost 12 times, but won 6 times and tied 4 times. The former Al Ahly star is always a tough competitor for the white one.

Not that Mokhtar lost to Zamalek with more than two goals.

Mokhtar scored 23 goals against Zamalek but scored 32 goals.

The match between the two teams shows that he is always a tough competitor for Zamalek, where he brought him an extra time before the loss.

Without loss in 7 consecutive games

Zamalek did not lose to military production to reach the seventh game in a row without losing.

Since winning the 2014/2015 league, Zamalek has not won a series without defeats longer than 13 matches 2016/2017 and 12 matches in the previous season.

The previous season no longer saw any loss in eight consecutive games.

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