Sunday , October 24 2021

Basic Information About حسين الشربيني فيذى ميلاده


Today, November 16, the artist Hussein Al-Sherbini marks the birthday, which began her relationship with art at the age of seven. The Arab teacher taught the late artist his talent to work for his good performance as he read the archives. And Psychology in 1954, and supervises the "Constitution" the 10 best information about him in connection with the following lines.

– Appointed in the Assiut Railway Authority.
– Leave the railroad after 11 days and worked as a journalist in the newspaper "Republic".
– In the early 60's, he worked as an advertiser on Egyptian television.
– Worked on the TV theater where he performed a number of roles through games as "Apartment for Rent".
– His first film in the movie "The Genius" 1964.
– His total work was about 90 movies in the cinema.
– Received the title of a skilled artist from the theater.
– Two film prizes for the best actor were awarded a second role for "Desire" and "Running the Monsters".
– Refrain from the art world for 5 years after suffering fracture in the left foot joint.
– His funeral was celebrated in 2007 from the Rabaa Al Adawiya Mosque in Cairo at the age of 72.

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