Wednesday , October 20 2021

Brotherhood if they took power to destroy religion and the world (video)


Dr Osama Al-Azhari, Adviser to the President of the Republic of Religious Affairs, spoke on Friday, from his program "Rua" broadcast on "DMC" on Imam by the preachers Sheikh Mohammed Metwally Al-Shaarawi.

Azhari said it is a unique life experience for which the Egyptians recorded all pride, respect and respect, and discussed a number of rare positions in the life of the preachers Imam.

The adviser to the Republic's President for Religious Affairs spoke about the relationship between Mustafa al-Nahhas Pasha, Delegation leader and Sheikh Mohammed Metwally Al-Sharaoui during his last year's study at Al-Azhar University.

Al-Azhari said that Al-Nahhas Pasha asked Sheikh Al-Shaarawi during his studies to apologize for the final year's exam at the University for a National Mission.

Sheikh Al-Shaarawi said his father was sorry for the exhortation of the exams, although he was one of the forenames in recent years and that he will enter the second round of tests. " Sheikh Al-Shaarawi asked her mentor Sheikh Ibrahim Hamroush about this question.

Dr. Osama al-Azhari revealed the reason that Shaykh al-Shaarawi left al-Azhari, declaring that after Sheikh al-Shaarawi took over the ministry of Awqaf, he decided to leave him not believing he was seeking sheikh al-Azhar .

He explained that Shaykh al-Shaarawi tried to get his own clothes, and he went to a tailor who sewed senior scientists. He described him as a "taqiyya" with some characteristics but he did not want what he wanted and he went to another until he became a tailor.

Al-Azhari explained that Shaykh al-Shaarawi used the crutch when he was a student, and the kings and bosses competed to give him the best crutches, and he was surprised that he had a large number of them.

Al-Azhari continued: "One of the rare gestures of Sheikh Al-Shaarawi once sat in the host election of some high-quality men in 1995, 1995, because the owners of the meeting hosted him – The Imam's leader of the Muslim Brotherhood took power did not make it any better to chill, ignore the question and busy talking to the rest of the audience, the language shook and asked and ignored him, Sheikh Al-Shaarawi, and when he returned the question, Shaarawi waved off and threw the shawl off his shoulder and said, "If they took power to destroy religion and the world.

He pointed out that Sheikh Al-Shaarawi once went to lecture at Cairo University, and when he left, thousands of students gathered around his car and took him by car from the ground.

He added that Shaykh al-Sha'i Rawi returned to the house and in the evening he disappeared so that his son Abd al-Rahim was looking for him everywhere and remember that his father went very much to the mosque Imam al-Hussein and found him actually in the toilet to clean up.

"Sheikh Al-Shaarawi told him that a self-esteem felt inside him after the youth carried him to the university. He wanted to break it up by offering to clean these places so that the poor could find them clean." He said.

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