Sunday , August 1 2021

Citizen gold prices on Wednesday .. Caliber 21 items 129.50 riyals

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Citizens – Abdulrahman Diab

The price of gold on Wednesday, 148 riyaler to the standard 24, while the price of gold 22 caliber of 135.66 riyals.

The price of gold 21 caliber of 129.50 riyaler and the price of gold 18 caliber of 111 riyals, while the price of 14-gauge gold amounted to 86.33 riyals.

For the price of gold 12 caliber of 74 riyaler and the prices of ounces gold 4,603 riyals and the prices of gold pound 1,036 riyals, and finally recorded the price of kilo gold 147996 riyals.

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