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Director of Maritime Safety who inspects security procedures to secure Jesus' churches

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Considering the country's eco, Tuesday, November 13, 2018.

Major General Jamal al-Rashidi, Chief of Maritime Safety, continued his daily inspections to monitor the development of police installations, security and safety assessments in district centers and departmental departments.

Al-Rashidi, Tuesday, hosted the Hosh Issa Center to inspect the preparedness and preparedness of the forces to confront all public safety concerns.

The tour included the inspection of Church Security Services at Hosh Issa Police Station and Abu Al-Matamir Police Station. He met with officers and individuals. He demanded full vigilance and the importance of observing the security situation and extending the circle of suspicion. He emphasized the need to comb the fence and church entrances and avoid negative impacts that affect performance. Security and raise the moral of the forces.

And demanded that they apply the law firmly and decisively to all the violators and good treatment of citizens and respect for human rights.

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