Wednesday , October 20 2021

Mai Omar sparkling between white and green in a new shooting session .. Photo


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The latest artistic artists today Cairo – Hoyada Abu Simk

Egyptian artist Mai Omar underwent a new photography meeting in favor of one of the art papers.

Mai has published a number of pictures through his personal account at the site "Instagram", which was shown in the pictures with more than brilliant views, varied between white, green and silver.

The Egyptian artist drew attention to her through her short hair, as she developed a clear makeup that increased her soft beauty and received a number of comments as chanted by the audience.

Mai recently wrote the series "El Primo", with the artist Ahmed Sakka, Mohamed Mamdouh, author Ayman Salama, director Mohamed Sami, after she was absent last year to carry her second child by director Mohammed Sami.

She apologized for her first absolute championship in the series "After the Separation", nominated by director and producer Rami Imam, which will be produced by his company, but apologized to him for the series her husband instructed him.

Mai Omar is a young artist who became famous after taking part in the "Legend" series, with the artist Mohammed Ramadan, and achieved a large crowd.

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