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Obermars raises the white flag in front of Barcelona's temptations to Ajax

Hamburg-based boss Mark Overmars has suggested that he raise the white flag for European European clubs' temptations aimed at signing a contract with the giants of the Dutch giants Barcelona, ​​aiming to sign the brilliant duo Matias de Liechte and Franck de Jong.

Photo: Overmars during an Ajax match

During an event in the Ajax club, Overmars talked about many of the Dutch club's young talent, who have managed to capture the headlight recently, noting that it is difficult to preserve these jewels in the future, especially next summer.

During the event a video of Ajax featured most prominent talents, especially De Jong and De Leicht. Overmars talked about these stars and was proud to keep these talents.

"Of seven young stars who played in Ajax, only one player Justine Kluivert, who moved to Rome in the summer, has gone away, and it's fine, even if we wanted to keep it," says Overmars.

The Dutch legend van der Sar, the former miller goalkeeper and one of Ajax's officials, asked Avermars a question about the young players' position in the coming period. The former Barcelona players had just avoided this question and talked about the terms of the transfer market at this time.

"This time I will not hold the phone inside the desk box," he said. "I think the task of keeping these young stars in the coming period is difficult. There is a lot of news in the newspapers about our players and now we can just enjoy these wonderful talents but it's impossible to keep them for four years to come."

"We look forward to having confidence and hope for the next season." I have ordered Scaafina to start exploring new talent already. I sent them to complete their mission and bring many excellent talents to Ajax in the future. "

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FC Barcelona has announced that they intend to include Frankie de Jong during the transfer period last summer and have been serious negotiations to resolve the deal, but the refusal of Ajax officials prevented the completion of the remaining teams in the end.

The Blaugrana administration again announced its desire to restore the defense and included the young star Matthias de Leicht in the coming winter, but the administration returned Ajax and announced its refusal to postpone negotiations for the coming summer.

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When he returned to Frankie de Jong's early career with the ball, the young player started the youth academy at the youth academy Tölburg and made his first Dutch league debut against Adu The Hague and starred with his club until he got Ajax Amsterdam's eye.

De Jong contributed significantly to reaching the Ajax for the 2017 European Champions League final, as they lost to Manchester United and won the Dutch league's best talent award.

At the international level, De Jong has participated in the various age groups in the Dutch team and made a single participation with the team of mills under 15 years and participated in five games in the team 18 years and 6 matches in the team 19 years and the two teams of 21 years and two teams in the first team registered all posts in a single goal.

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