Tuesday , June 22 2021

Red Sea security releases the owner of a night club in Hurghada after his abduction

Police officers for the first department of Hurghada, together with the public security sector, managed to release the owner of a nightclub, who was kidnapped by eight people due to financial differences between them and demanded a £ 150,000 payroll according to a security statement on Saturday.

Major Osama Mhran, Head of Investigation of the First Department of Hurghada, received a communication from a resident of the Department of the Second Part of Hurghada. He kidnapped his 23-year-old son "nightclub owner". The kidnappers claimed a sum of 150,000 pounds for his release.

Investigations conducted by Mabahith under the leadership of General Staff Medhat Montasser, Head of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Red Sea Security Directorate, found that the perpetrators of the incident had a working relationship with the victim and that there were economic differences between them after the victim had taken money from the kidnappers under pretext to work with him in a nightclub in Hurghada.

By conducting investigations and collecting information from the public security sector, together with the Red Prisons Agency, mabahith's efforts reached the perpetrators.

Following the legalization of the proceedings, the two pilots, Ahmad Nasif and Ahmed El Suwaidi, assistant of the first department of Hurghada, succeeded in arresting accused, who acknowledged the incident, detained the victims of a residential apartment in Hurghada and forced him to sign security revenues of £ 80,000.

The victim was released and a notice of the event was released and the prosecutor was informed of the investigation.

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