Friday , April 23 2021

See .. The Anti-Defense Minister warns scientists for the illusion of Pharaoh treasures of certain deaths

The antique minister's doctor, Khaled El Anany, warned that the Pharaonic taxes are really lost during the excavation. Very few of them find what he is looking for, but he falls under the law.
In an interview with Wael Al-Ibrahimi on the "Every Day" program, Al-Anani said he continued with the Awqaf minister to warn the citizens for this and to make them aware of the seriousness of the matter and his holiness as well. He continued: "99% of the drill And the messages of the dead and evangelists and the message that we have gained the effect and transcendence quickly and the illusion."
The antique minister pointed out that after the revolution on January 25 and during the next three years, a few museums were dissolved and stolen and smuggled abroad. He added that the Interior Ministry has made great efforts to resist smuggling of Egyptian antiques abroad. , Emphasizes that the recovery of archaeological artifacts from abroad takes a period of time ranging from two to three years, while we managed to retrieve artifacts smuggled to Italy in a few weeks just displayed on these restored items in the museum and a major ceremony was held at the return.

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