Wednesday , October 27 2021

Sheikh Al-Khatib urged Arab and Islamic countries to follow the Iranian experience


Sheikh Ali al-Khatib, Vice President of the Supreme Islamic Shiite Council, urged the Arab and Muslim countries to rid themselves of the hegemony and pressure of the arrogant countries that impose sanctions and siege the people of the region in an attempt to subjugate them and return them them to the mandate and colonial department. And the U.S. government's repression, repression and colonial arrogance reveal the falsification of its claims of democracy and the defense of human rights. Therefore, the example of the Islamic Republic of Iran's experience, which relied on God, its own capabilities and its people, follows a central force for you. To overcome them, it is important that states adopt a policy of resistance to arrogance. "

Condemning the US sanctions and pressure on our countries and people, "Sheikh Khatib" demanded the Lebanese government to pursue a reformist economic policy through which it relies on God and its people's capabilities and competencies and its wealth from oil derivatives and so on, and evaluates investment projects and takes initiative to support productive sectors. Agriculture, industry and services and launch the movement of creativity and production of people with the competence, experience and integrity to be our economy free of any dependence in any foreign country, the great Lebanon with the ambitions of its sons and the experience of its energies and elites and its durability and resistance are capable of making a resistance economy free from foreign domination.

Sheikh Al-Khatib congratulated Lebanese, Arabs, Muslims and all the honorable people in the world for the great victory that Lebanon achieved by its resistance, its people and its army, and dropped the Zionist project aimed at removing it from the political briefly in the exhibition on the creation of a new Middle East that the United States and its allies wanted. Islamism is a prelude to the realization of the Talmudic dream of establishing Great Israel with its biblical borders from Euphrates to the Nile.

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