Sunday , October 24 2021

The number of "ticks" is similar to that in the Gulf States


This is a local administration professor: The number of ticks is similar to that in the Gulf States

Dr Hamdy Arafa, a local government and slum development consultant, said the number of "Taktak" in Egypt is 2.9 million citizens, equivalent to the census of the Gulf States, he said.

"There are 111,000 tuktuks licensed from 3 million and 2 million 900,000 vehicles have not yet been licensed," he said. Professional craftsmen for the career of the drivers 'Tactics', as a result of economic conditions.

"There are 730,000 graduates from Trade, Industry and Agricultural Sciences annually. The study is not linked to the labor market, so most work in other professions." Law No 81 of 2016 does not employ civil law and wages are not addressed. ».

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Source: Shorouk Gate

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