Saturday , October 23 2021

The perpetrator is not mentally ill and deliberately kills my brother


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Dr Mena Taha, a sister of the Egyptian pharmacist killed in the city of Jazan, Saudi Arabia, urged the Egyptian authorities to accelerate the process of transferring the brothers body to Egypt as soon as possible to bury him.

She added to Al-Masry Al-Youm: "My brother is a good person and he has not had any crises since his journey, and everyone who has been dealing with him knows his good deeds and what happened to him is not the result of a conflict, "But he is a criminal, and this talk is promoted to flee from punishment because the strange country of the brotherhood and not from the people."

She explained that Ambassador Nabila Makram, Foreign Minister and Foreign Minister in Egypt, visited her at home and offered her compassion. She promised to quickly terminate the procedures for the return of the body and to follow up the investigations to not lose her brother's right.

An Egyptian pharmacist named Ahmed Taha worked in a pharmacy connected to the Al-Nahdi Company in Jazan. He was attacked by Ahmad, Saudi nationals and was attacked with seven rods, five of them in the chest and the abdomen and two in the back.

The authorities and police arrived at the scene of the accident, lifted evidence and fingerprints and arrested the suspect who reached it through the use of surveillance cameras.

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