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The trial against six accused in the case of "hit hardship"

November 14, 2018

Books – Mahmoud Shorbagi:

Criminal justice in Giza, held at the police secretary of Fatrah on Wednesday, will hear the trial against six accused of killing policemen in Badrashin in Case No. 699 of 2017, State Security Apparatus.

The session will be held during the presidency of Chancellor Mohammed Shirin Fahmy and the membership of advisors Issam Abu Ela, Dr. Adel Al-Siwi and Hamdi Al-Shennawi Secretariat.

The defendants in the case are: Ahmed Trabous, Ali M. Mabous, Ahmed M, Mabous, Maysara N, Mabous, Amr Maboub, Mahmoud T,.

The prosecution argued that between April 2016 and December 4, 2017 in the Governors of Cairo and Giza, they attacked a terrorist group whose purpose was to interfere with public order and jeopardize the security, interests and security of society, to impede the provisions of the Constitution and the laws of its business.

They were accused of violating the personal liberty of citizens, freedoms and public rights and injured national unity and social peace by joining a group that demanded the reconciliation and legitimacy of the ruler to withdraw it, change the regime of violence and attack the members of armed forces and the police and its installations and public premises. And due to their money.

The prosecutor also accused them of committing a terrorist offense by receiving, providing, holding and providing the terrorist group funds, machinery and information for use in terrorist offenses.

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